Thursday, February 9, 2012

pulling back the curtain on Me

This face you see of me is the true Me.

Most of the time I can be found sitting just. like. that.

Whether it be in a meeting, or at my desk immersed in words of encouragement written out by others seemingly-just-for-me, or at a chat over tea. Eventually my hand finds its way to my chin and I bend low to really pay attention.

My middle name starts with an R. Sometimes it's meant Rebel.
Most of the time it's meant Responsible.

A rule follower and good girl in every way. Intense. Focused.

I always question. I raise my hand a lot and make a lot of suggestions.

Always thinking, I have an idea a minute. Crafting a plan. Adding to what already is. I am an instigator of more work by the way I always see more potential in every thing.

Waking early is a must for me, though I'd love to sleep.

Me-time is more important for me than getting more sleep than is really necessary. Even if I let myself slumber a little longer, I awaken with a start and rush up before anyone else. Like the aroma of coffee, Quiet awakens me and prepares me for the day in a way like no other.

I have blue eyes that came from two parents with the same color. That color is shared with my groom and we've birthed a Boy-Man with the bluest ones of us all.

Choosing favorites is difficult for me. It depends on the day. My mood. The weather. And most of all, it's just because I like so much of every thing.

I like milk chocolate for its smoothness.
And dark chocolate for its boldness.

Blueberries are perhaps my most favorite fruit for the variety of treats I enjoy with them. Though, strawberries are a close second.

Pizza is my go-to favorite food, yet I've become some what of a snob about the types that I prefer.

I'll take seconds of a hearty meal over dessert most any time, though fresh baked chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven (and cooled for just one minute!) are tough to resist!

Asparagus is yummy. And artichoke hearts with black olives in my pasta al fresco. With spinach and parmesan cheese.

My choice of ice cream flavor depends on the heat of the summer.
Black raspberry for the really hot days.
Chocolate peanut butter for those other moments.
Color sprinkles when I want to feel like a kid again.

The brownie right from the smack dab center of the pan is what I prefer. My groom reserves this for me every time.

Running in the early morning after or during a snow storm is on my top five favorite things to do list. And sledding, too.

Green has become a color I notice most and find I'm calmer and more relaxed when I look at it. Red excites me and gives me energy. Yellow makes me feel cheerful.

There's girly pink and there's what I call strong girl pink--more like a raspberry--and it's quiet possibly one of my favorites, too.

What you don't know about me is that I fall asleep on the couch at exactly 8:14 p.m. nearly every night. But only when my groom is near me. Cause, I just can't rest without him here.

It drives my groom crazy that I do this--that, when he's home I seem to shut him out by resting my eyes. I can't help myself, though. Falling asleep on the couch happens only because I am comfortable with him beside me.

I've fallen in love with a four-legged retired momma pup and never thought it was possible. I was a snob in every way before she arrived. Miss Prissy, I couldn't stand the smell of dogs; especially wet ones! Now, I nuzzle her close and find myself soaking up her scent, and missing her when I'm away.

Push-ups have been my biggest physical challenge. Ever.

I've run long-ish miles. Trained and raced for things many have never dared. Yet, the goal of doing 100 push-ups (in sets, mind you) seemed nearly impossible. I did it. And I've sustained it. It's one of my biggest Wow Moments--to see just how much strength we're given to trust that it's possible that we can.

I'm a coffee drinker. Black. Strong. Bold. This describes my personality and how I approach each day. Perhaps it's why I start my day with cafe'.

I drink tea in the afternoon. And sometimes in the evening. It's calming. Soothing. Relaxing. Approachable.

That my groom now shares in my green tea drinking makes me more connected to him. It makes me smile. He likes Chai, too. Sweet.

It gives me great pleasure to tell people that I played ice hockey in college. Watching their expression change makes me assume they think differently about me having known that information. This partly frustrates me and partly makes me feel proud.

That my son knows his momma played hockey is perhaps what I'm happiest about.

There's so much more I could say about me and what you wouldn't normally see if you crossed my path.

I've been on a journey of waiting patiently for Different to show up in my life with some more clarity. And as I seize the different in each new day, I think it's only fair to honor who I am today. I have my quirks, my passions, my loves, my admonitions. They all matter. Big and small.

Who you are matters, too. Every speck of you.


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  1. You are super-swesome, and I am thankful to *know* a little more of you ;) Praying you enjoy this day! God's richest blessings, sweet friend.

  2. I love this post! When I was first introduced to you, your transparent and vulnerable writing drew me in quickly. Now, I feel as though I "know" you a bit better.
    Thank you...

  3. This is awesome! I'm inspired to "introduce myself" more intentionally now. :)