Monday, December 5, 2011

a fit of beauty

It reminded me of when I first started traveling for work.

Rushing about.

Looking for my ear bud...forgetting to give him a copy of my itinerary...
     ...searching for my mind...
     ...poisoning the calm and quiet of fresh awakening...

Getting in the car, regret shamed me and fear jolted me.

Storming back in the house (for the fourth time) I gave them another hug, looked in their eyes and said I love you.

Holding back tears, I knew that attempt was a band-aid over the hurt my choices made.

Looking in his eyes, I was met with the sting of his tears.

I had run out of time.
     Already late and already a mess made, I see it all so clearly.

Rushing choked joy. 

Thinking of the fit and all I forgot (including comfortable shoes for a three day trip to the city!), I feel a failure--ashamed that I need Him, as though I shouldn't.

I hope for more moments together--better ones with more joy and less pain.

And not too far down the road, He speaks.
My eyes open and I See *purpose*.

These times of hurt and ache open the window of our souls.
     We pause to trust and together seek.

Through the moment that is defined as a fit, He is there.
I run to Him and confess my wrong, to ask for His mercy.

Through our days apart, healing comes.

Grateful for how even this is joy--
     beauty in the fit; being slowed by Him.

{Grace} Unwrapped... being slowed reminds me to turn to Him...

...a store to slide into for quiet when the Boy calls...

...the sharing of personal to show my realness... the Man waits up for me, even when we're apart... my safety is his concern...





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  1. I love...through the moment defined as a fit...He is there...oh how we forget this...we think He is close when we are good...far when we are bad...but He never leaves for forsake...He knocks...if He is knocking... He is close...
    Blessings and Grace for the time apart...

  2. How being slowed reminds me to turn to Him...oh how wonderful of a gift this is. Precious.