Wednesday, September 21, 2011

when the seasons blend

Leaves are beginning to fall with the slightest wind and they harden quicker at the curl. Shadows cast are longer. Days shorter. Morning's darker.

But Summer still remains, at least for a little while longer. There are still drippings of flip-flop-wearing-days left on the calendar, though Autumn's First Day is official in just a few more sleeps.

It's an in-between time when Summer and Autumn blend.

Like color, this blending
makes something different. The process of converging together is a moment often too quick to notice. 

Sweatshirts are appearing and shorts-wearing lingers.

It's a play outside after school and throw the football kind of season--temperatures more comfortable for play, while sweat still glistens to make cheeks rosey and skin warm.

Apples are out and sunflowers remain.

Mums (and even pumpkins!) are resting on porches, while summer's beauties are still deep rooted.

There's something really special about the blending of two seasons--when we can't quite let go of the one and yet we're sorta reaching for the next, readying ourselves.

Right *Now* is a time before the true hunkering down and cozying-up for the brisk coldness of winter.

I think of my life and wonder what is to come. As the trees are soon stripped bare and I stand naked like them, I consider this time, and I breathe deep. Preparing.

In my own heart there's this incredible Joyful Anticipation for the unknown--a trusting for what is to come. A readiness for change. And yet, I feel this comfort in the Now-season of life. A peace for what is.

There's beauty in this blending of Anticipation and Contentment.

I'm discovering that it is here, in this thin place--where He knows the purposes of *Now* and *Next*--that holds such mystery of faith; evidence in things unseen, and of His power and purpose.

This is the teeter-totter of a little child just readying herself to walk.

This is the breath just before he is born.

This is the moment of anticipation.

This is important and necessary preparation. 

There is Joy here. And fear, too. Uncertainty takes off her bonnet and sits quietly, waiting for the door to open and a harvest of new blessings to unfurl.

All of these emotions are welcome and invited to take part in the *Now.*

I breathe in and give thanks for Seeing the color of the seasons in my life blend Beauty

I've tasted and I've Seen His rich bounty of blessings. And now I wait in patient, {Hopeful} anticipation for what is to come.

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  1. Hi Amy,
    I love what you have said about "the thin veil between now and next that only He knows." Beautiful words. We all certainly live in this "veil" and praise God He promises a plan to prosper us and give us hope and a future. And He is that hope. He is that future. Hugs to you sweet sister.

  2. Oh, autumn... my favorite season.
    There's something especial about the fall. Like something's going to change and it can be so great but it's going to take some still retrospect so you should slow down before going there.
    Autumn sounds like stillness to me. Stillness and understanding.