Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: Growing

Friday's are about brief heart sharing in this writing community.

No edits. No scripts. No worries.

I've been calling these days *Freedom* days, and yet in this process I've begun to See that I live this every time I write. There's truly freedom to be found here.

Pull up a cozy spot and read up. Then, won't you pull out your own spot and write for just five minutes? Your spot could be a napkin or a journal--a place for just you. Or, perhaps a place like this for a community to pour out their heart of love on you.

Wherever your spot, might you find freedom to Just. Write. 

Ready, Set, GO:


The headline grabbed me quick and spun me around. It was as if the words and I danced together in the joy that maybe it really is true.

*Failure* could, quite possibly, be the secret to success.


And I mull it over, toss it around, and like a salad it is a nutrient for my day. *Hope* that perhaps my imperfect really might be is made perfect.

Perhaps He who lives inside of me really does use that inability of mine to be wholly right and makes good out of it all--perfectly using my imperfection.

Growing is always my goal. For fear I am not good enough and that I have to be better. It's just in me to want to learn and grow, even though the reasons are sometimes fearful ones.

Maybe it's true that optimism, persistence, and social intelligence are *true character traits*. I Hope in this possibility of truth.

The ability to recover from a mistake or bounce back from a fight...these are opportunities to grow.

{I sure have a lot of 'em in a day.}

We are growing. You and me. Together, each day we grow. Through our shouting and backs turned, and our coming together again--we grow.

I trust that each mistake I make is used for your growth--that my weakness feeds your character...and mine, too.


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  1. Oh how I feel this way too... I make so many mistakes, so many opportunities to grow... I am thankful for how God can still use the mess I make to grow something worthwhile, something beautiful even... blessings, friend!

  2. Beautiful! That is my prayer for my moments with my children as well. "*Hope* that perhaps my imperfect really might be is made perfect." <---- Love this!

  3. I sure have a lot of those growth opportunities too ;)

  4. I totally agree - learning to fail is growth! I'm struggling with teaching that to my children right now, and not just losing it or giving them the quick answer. Need more grace as God has given more to me! (visiting from Gypsy Mama)