Monday, August 8, 2011

closing the gap

We were at a water park with lots of people around us. Still, though, his hands found my body.

Random touches in hidden moments--I felt like a Newly-in-love again.

Our overnight at our family's little camp on the lake was cut short by a day.
My groom had a purpose--he wanted his bride.

It takes effort to live this way--to deliberately choose togetherness.

And it isn't about the feeling. It's about the staying. It's about the remembering and reaching.

There's a space we allow in between us as life *whirls and twirls* around us.
And the *reaching* {for another}, closes up the gap.

Deliberately choosing to reach a little further and snuggle up a little closer, awakens the sense of touch as if she were newly-born.

This life really can be lived closely together, as one.

And that, my friends, is what this past week's vacation has done to me--it has reminded me of the closeness of being newly-in-love, the never-wanting-to-stop touching and reaching, and how it evokes truth of *being wanted.*

My groom and I live most days in awareness that our moments together aren't our own.
We kiss and hug, saying I love you--even just to go to the store.
But, space tends to open wider as the days peel back layers of responsibility.

A week's vacation from the office covered us with a marriage-quilt of togetherness

Our Boy-Man is at an age that changes the dynamic of our relationship with each other. It's a little easier to do more things in a together kind of way.

While our boy stole a moment by himself playing without our lessons as his constant, we unwrapped a moment of lying together on the carpeted office floor--talking about life and home, and really simple-ish nothingness. It was the *choosing* that mattered.

We seized it this week--the closing of the gap

Sometimes a vacation helps us remember it takes *work* to live-together, and there can be Joy in the office.

We savor the last drippings of the served up deliciousness of summer and even though life will begin to *whirl and twirl* a little faster, we are reminded that we can keep close and live this life, Together.

We can remember Today was birthed from our early-in-love story of Grace.

It truly makes all the difference in my living when I pay attention to my groom's reaching...when I feel his touching...when I choose to place him as more important than my rushing on to the next thing, and pause to reach for him.

Love isn't a feeling...
but, unwrapping the feelings of being wanted,
and seizing the truth that I. am. {wanted}...
This is *freedom* for the living. 


Gratitude for {Grace}... spent together... in our days to just work on *us*...

...lazy summer days...

...the experience of being in the moment...

...being wanted...

...the intimacy of *communicating*...

...drippings of summer's sweetness...

...anticipation of another week together...

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  1. what a lovely list. Such a blessing to have rediscovered that feeling again, that long commitment to always reach, touch, share... beautiful list!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I have been feeling "disconnected" from my man lately, for a while now. I must make our relationship a priority! Have a beautiful day!

  3. Oh, so beautiful. And I am so encouraged by your reminder that this reaching is all for our choosing, our loving is intentionally choosing Him, as the source of love. I can't do this myself. And, when I do this -- choose Him -- my marriage is blessed. He blesses. Thank you!

  4. I believe we both were filled this morning with His message of being fully Present in all we do and in all our relationships. Amen sweet friend. Love is a gift to be unwrapped every morning.

  5. Still working on my boys being old enough to not need to be supervised so much! Good reminder to make it happen anyway. : )

  6. Lovely...been married 30+ years..continually closing the we can feel newly in love but with a depth newlyweds can't know... my son is getting ready to be married...I am thankful for their young love ...but the best is ahead of them... deep treasures only come with digging over the years.

  7. Beautiful words ....glad you were able to spend time with your husband ...and just a little jealous too! Guess I don't have to be "away" to reach out though!