Thursday, June 16, 2011

when the pain is our worship

I've been Seeing - truly understanding - my Father uses *all* for purpose.

He is truly that big and that good to *bloom beauty* and use *all* parts of our story.

It's freeing and brings true joy to see this truth.  There is purpose for pain and it is beyond us.

To heal, it is necessary to spend time in the past and to honor God's presence in the story.

This is our worship.

He wants us to *See* His Grace.

There's a bigger Story that He wants us to be a part of.

And, looking out into the future with Hope is our worship.

He wants us to *Trust* Him.

When we stay in the past and don't focus on the truth of how God can use it *all*, or how He can weave the ugly into our story and create beauty, we might miss out on so much...

Empathy for others...
An opportunity to make a difference and be a peacemaker...

So. Much.

Walking through the pain helps us learn how to trust our Father, and lets Him wrap His arms around us and give us His peace.


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