Thursday, May 19, 2011

make your life a reflection of your heart

Take a deep breathe and look around you.

Right now matters.

There's purpose in this moment.  In all that is around you.

So, slow down.  Breathe deep.  And just be *here*, right now.

Take a moment to write all of *this* down.  These moments that bring you joy.

Count your thankfulness.

And know this, *you are important*.

Not just for feeding mouths, wiping tushes, planning meals, cleaning and sanitizing your home, making money, paying bills, and making sure your groom is well taken care of.

You were made for more than *this*.

Your smile is a blessing to someone.

Your honesty gives someone else courage.

The way you rub their back and whisper sweetness, it's like honey to the soul.
Sticky and sweet.

Let the air you breathe-in calm you and give you peace today.

Let your life be a reflection of your heart.  

Live more for *you* today, and remember how you're setting an example of freedom and truth when you do that.

What one thing you can do instead of *that* one thing that feels like a must-do, and yet really it isn't?  I invite you to *name it* here.  Leave a comment below, replace the should-do with want-to-do.  Call it out...the freedom.  Give someone else courage today.

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