Wednesday, May 18, 2011

an invitation for freedom

It begins with an invitation.

Unchartered territory.  The unknown.

Fear is called out here.  An opportunity for *freedom*.

Opportunities can be *a risk* that requires stepping out {in courage}.  

And suddenly when fear gets in the way, opportunities become threats.

Taking a risk - stepping out in courage - is about being freed from the fears that bind us and hold us back.

We know we have these fears, but do we really want to get rid of them?

Do we really, truly want to be freed?

It's hard.

It takes time.  Energy.  Testing.  Stretching.  And, pain.

It's total dependency on God.  Fully surrendering our life, our fears, our control, for a better way of living.  A free-er life.

Much of what I am invited to *try* feels like a big risk.  What if I can't do it?  What if I fail?  What if I can't do it as perfectly as I think I should?  

I imagine perfection and without having experienced it before, this *opportunity* is a risk to my pride.

There are things I need to do for the sake of courage and trust.  Most of the time it's the saying yes part that is the most important part of the story.  I need to step up and have courage.  I need to be willing.  I need to trust.  We honor Him in this way.      

He will meet us when we ask.  It's a time of learning more about Him when we acknowledge our weakness and His strength.  When we let Him step in and lead us we are more able to understand how He loves us.

Don't let fear limit your story.

Let Him lead you into places where fear limits you.  Surrender your fears as He calls you into them.  Face them as He calls them out.

Ride your bike...with traffic...on a major highway.

Swim (when you've never swam before) a race...two to a lane...with a time limit.

Write a story...share it...and write more.

Connect with - even *the expert*.

Speak those who haven't been able to handle the truth...and trust God will stand in the gap for you.

See how your story can grow when it isn't limited by fear.       

There's so much more God wants from our life.

Being willing is our *worship*.


Just today I've had two opportunities presented to me that could go one way or another, all because of what I choose to do about my fears.  

Do I let them limit me?  Or do I seize these opportunities and let God lead me...


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