Monday, March 21, 2011

a meaningful *gift*

As a parent I want to give my son what he wants and what he needs.  Give.  Without him doing anything to earn or deserve it.

Sometimes, I need to teach and sometimes learning is the ultimate gift.

The boy needed a new bicycle.  His first-one-ever has become outgrown and for his safety he needs something that fits him better.

We could have just bought him one.  And we intended to.  Until a different kind of thought came to my groom's mind: maybe the boy-man should contribute.

It was a thought that was prompted by a comment my mother made the evening prior.  "Do you have money for {a new bike}?"

That question settled on my groom's heart and he wrestled with whether to give freely, or give a lesson.  He called me and we discussed his thinking.  His good thinking.  Together we decided what my groom had already discussed with the boy-man - he would contribute.  And so we paid for half and he paid the other half.

I think back to the wondering in my heart that morning, as I wrestled with whether to give the boy-man his allowance earlier than I planned - before he raised a significant amount to *spend* in a meaningful way.

Because I know the boy-man doesn't know the value of money yet, and he doesn't know what to buy with it, I intended to help him control his urge to buy some-thing he doesn't even want or need.  And yet, I could sense his desire to buy with his own money - his excitement for having earned the opportunity to spend.

God heard that wonder in my heart and He received it as a prayer.  I looked to Him for guidance.  He provided an opportunity to teach - a lesson in *spending* on something important and meaningful.

Sometimes we have to step back and not give so freely in the ways we usually do.

Sometimes the giving needs to happen in the withholding.  In the learning. 

My Father gives me just what I need - an opportunity to do *spend my time - {my life}* in a meaningful way.  To teach.  And to *see* His purpose in parenting.

Thank you, Lord, for knowing what we *need* more than we do.  


Unwrapped *Gifts* of {Grace}...

...blueberry pancakes to celebrate the first day of Spring... an empty house reminds me of the empty space my grandparents lives once filled...

...the boy-child's excitement for a field trip...

...a welcoming porch with places to sit and relax... the piano ignites feelings of calm and peace...

...a difficult conversation laden with grace... own mother's warm embrace...


  1. We did a similar thing with a new pupy from the breeder. Our boy was 7, and coming up with the $100 from his chores before the puppy was born and then ready to come home was a valuable lesson we will never regret teaching. Instant gratification is available from the world, but learning to get what it took awhile to earn is a lesson never wasted!

  2. Beautiful post and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your "gifts" list.