Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Smile to File

The thick humidity eventually rolled in dark clouds and we knew it would be only a matter of time until the ground would become soaked. So we hustled out the door and made quick our steps for a family walk - one instead chose to ride his bike. Then, just as quickly we made a choice to throw the football together when the random droplets suddenly became larger and more together. More hustling led us to watch the rain on the back porch and just sit. Together.

Rain did not damper the child's spirit to play and laugh. In fact, it was the warm rain that was just what perhaps we both needed to dampen our hardened moods from the week. Like the soil that I saw cracked in spots from lack of moisture, our moods had become a bit similar during the previous week, as it pained us to be turned over by our Father's delicate, yet necessary shaping and nurturing, especially in the dry and cracked spots.

And so, he ran and shouted. And when I was asked to run too, I hesitated and then quickly obliged. "You...the one in the green shirt..." he pointed. Not saying "Mama" or asking me directly. Perhaps he figured I'd say no. But I didn't. I ran quickly and strongly. And I squealed with delight.

It was one moment. Probably 30 seconds. And it was a smile to file and a joy to share. Saying "yes!" was freeing and the bucket collected not rain, but happiness.

(By the way, this photo captures another moment to smile about...)

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