Friday, March 21, 2014

Joy, as. we. are.

Father, we come.

exhausted and so done (!) with all the trying and fighting to prove ourselves worthy.

we've sat in our silos and caves attempting to figure out how to do this and that

     . . . how to make our inexperience feel less clunky.

too afraid to ask for help, we've taken on roles that aren't ours.

we've assumed responsibility and assignments not meant for us.

You call us to our unique positions and say we're enough 

     . . . that You'll equip us in just the ways necessary to play our part in Your story.

still, we think we have to do it all.

whether we get paid beyond our front door or not, we work at this life.

we sit and we stew to solve problems that aren't ours for the fixing

     . . . and we feel weary, anxious, and exhausted, side effects from seeking to control.

yet, so much more can be accomplished when we ask for help.

fear taunts us to dodge and dart labels that classify and contain us.  

we don't want to be called inexperienced or weak or incapable so we hide away. 

the truth is, we have this overwhelming and lustful need to be affirmed 

     . . . we want our capability and potential to be validated.

we confess we've been having an affair with attention.

prideful and self-centered, we made the approval of others our comfort and crutch.

the love of others has been our idol.

break us of all this try hard, do it all, and be seen as capable self-focused kind of living.

after all, this has been no kind of life.

quell our compulsion to be heard and our wanting to be seen as capable and confident. 

pry our hands loose from all things that tempt us to get involved and make our issue. 

teach us and discipline us about the kind of fasting that honors You . . .

     the gulping down and consuming of others approval of us.

might our willingness to be loosed from our self-focused-fear be our wordless worship to You.

You cast us for this one life, as. it. is.
     . . . pre-approved us before we even breathed.   

take our confession and set into motion a widening of our capacity to trust: we are enough

unleash us from our consummation and concern about what we lack. 

dissolve our worry about how we might be seen.

help us to receive our community as a gift, not a threat to our security. 

redeem our focus, Father. 

humble us to give our raw, real selves until it hurts.

might we abide in peace, even as the storm of uncertainty whirls before us.

satiate us with Your grace to rest and live in JOY

     . . . unleash us to simply be, as we are.

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  1. I LOVE this. I love you. Thank you so much for joining the journey and spreading the word, my preapproved friend. xo

  2. Amen! I prayed that beautiful prayer with you, friend. I know I can't 'do' that prayer, but we are lifting our eyes to Him and simply stating, "Daddy, we are willing. Please work in us and help us to relinquish control and the love idols that bind us. You are our Guide who never leaves our side - step-by-step. I love you, Amy!