Thursday, March 20, 2014

our shameless needing

Father, we come.

having been chosen by You for such a time as this.

all of the circumstances we face are of Your allowing.

help us not to compartmentalize our lives.

steer us to see how You are in every part of our present situations.

may we not say blah, blah, blah to the people who faithfully remind us of You.

convict us and discipline us to confess our pride and chosen defense mechanisms.

slow us to see You. 

help us to lay down our burdens at Your feet.

remind us that we are Yours, specifically chosen and unequivocally loved.

we are not defined by our areas of weakness.

and there is no shame in needing You.

for actually, it is Your grace that shows us our need for You.

humble us. break us. renew us.

less of us, Father.

more of You in us and through us.

awaken our senses to Your Spirit who guides us.

and where because our feelings fail to fill us, may Your Truth be the Bread that sustains us.

may we fall into Your arms of grace today, letting You heal and change us and our habits.

according to Your will for each of us, amen.

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