Saturday, March 22, 2014

might we know

Father, we come.

with thoughts inside our head that we can't seem to escape.

with pain we can't fix or erase.

with memories that follow us around and makes us ache inside.

we believe we aren't enough.

we believe we have to do something to make ourselves better or different.

we believe we are who we will always be.

You tell us we're being made new every day.

who we are today isn't who we will be tomorrow.

You tell us we can find rest in who we are today, though.

who we are today is invited to just be, as we are.

we are weary and worn out and burned out on religion.

we are so done with society's reciprocity kind of living, this quid pro quo way of being.

we are exhausted from all the doing just to prove ourselves worthy of a seat at the table.

we are parched and our throats hurt from all the shouting just to be heard.

life shouldn't be this hard, we think.

life should be more free and fuller than this, we hope.

life shouldn't be sucked out from us, we know.

teach us the unforced rhythms of grace, Father.

teach us it's okay to walk with You and to get away from all of this.

teach us about Real life.

You've called us to be peacemakers.

and truth-tellers.

and life set-freers.

unleash us.

untether us.

untie us.

we are tired of giving up on the hope that niggles at our soul.

we are tired of bowing down to the lies that snare at us in the mirror. 

we are tired of giving in to the approval-seeking that snickers we're crazy loons.

give us Your freedom to let go.

give us Your grace to face what we feel.

give us Your courage to be Real with our heart.

loose us to live . . . to abide in Your peace, even as life storms in and whirls around us.

loose us to love . . . to Your love that heals and redeems and that sets us free.

loose us to live . . . to worship You as we embrace our Real and Raw selves, as. we. are.

fling wide the barn doors where we've hidden and hovered.

free us to find You.

might we know we are beloved.

use these parables of hope to teach us this truth:

     Sarah Bessey -- In which you are a beloved warrior

     JJ Heller -- Loved (Official Music Video)

. . . for all of us . . . every race, and every gender, and every age . . . all of us.


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