Friday, June 21, 2013


I wish it were more swaying like.

And I think of that word -- sway -- and how I taught The Boy its meaning yesterday. Like a tree, to sway. I picture a mother's stance and the moving of a babe in arms. The steady rhythm of calm.

It's that I would like in a way. Yet, it's not the rhythm of today.

For me, it's a bit clunky. Sometimes a bit crickety.

And there are crickets, too. Jumping up and around me, like popcorn. It's this image I remember from my childhood, walking the hayfield to deliver water to my pop. Crickets everywhichway.

Crickets are my feelings these days. Here, there and everywhere.

I know Truth. It seeps in my bones and courses throughout my veins. It's in me. I know it.

Yet, still, fear pumps loud and angst roars.

These days the rhythm to my days is a bit push/pull.

I'm learning to be honest. Laying truth out on the table and leaning in to love that wraps His arms around me and lets me be as I am.

Shame is sniffling in the corner. She needs a time out.

The rhythm of His heart soothes me and the crickets find rest.

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  1. Poignant. you don't have crickets in your have a friend stopping by to say hello...I've been trying to be as I am too. Summer can bring quiet and rest. Hope you continue to lean in to His love.

  2. Shame be gone in the name of Jesus! Life is like this sometimes, more crickety than we'd like. Here's a song for you today