Friday, June 28, 2013

In Between

There's this place where all glitter shines purple radiance.

It's magnificent and glorious and at the same time quiet and still.

Storms rage parallel to it and chaos ensues.

Even the exciting creates a frantic mess.

I grasp for comfort among life squelching things and people as I live tentative of living whole.

Yet a part of me is willing to abandon any thing and all things and live among my holes.

I want to believe with reckless trust that they are purposed and Holy.

There's a gap that exists and sometimes it feels large and cavernous when I focus on either side.

But in between my fear and trust there is a closeness that I long for the world to know.

It takes an awakening to see this.

A return to the sand where the line was drawn and condemning was hushed.

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  1. oh Amy, the picture said it all ... I'm tracking with you today on FMF!

    Be blessed ~

  2. Reckless trust...... Yes - in between here and there

  3. I am right there with you. And between your post today, Jamie's yesterday, the Bible app devotional yesterday, & other things I'm forgetting, God is really letting me know that I am not condemned, that Christ stands on my side of the line and tells anyone who is without sin to cast the first stone. When they can't, He still stands with me with grace and mercy and love and tells me I am free to live my life in Him and am no longer condemned.

  4. I love reading your writing ... thank you for sharing your giftedness ...

  5. Oh Amy, how this resonates. Every phrase I read left me shaking my head, 'How does she hear and know my thoughts SO clearly'. Thank you friend for this...for sharing your inbetween.

    1. How God uses our stories continues to blow my mind, daily. I am glad you heard something important from His heart that was specific for you and that you experienced His love for you more deeply.