Friday, April 12, 2013


Thoughts wisk me away where dreams unfurl in radiant beauty.

I'm enchanted here. Joy-filled.

Where Hope becomes something Real.

The possibilities are exciting. Captivating. Freedom-crested.

I want to seize this joy like a child. Jump and confidently grab the strings.

I've wondered. Contemplated. Considered.

Now I stand willing. Ready. Poised. Waiting.

Believing here is a necessary part of there. And trusting. With heart-pounding anticipation.

Today's post was part of my friend, Lisa-Jo's fun challenge each Friday to take five and Just. Write.

     "...for five, short, bold beautiful minutes... unscripted and unedited...
     without worrying if it's just right or not."

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  1. Lovely. Visiting from FMF. I especially like "where hope becomes something real".

  2. Being fully here and believing it is SO a necessary part of there. I loved that! It sounds like you are on the cusp of something exciting and adventurous. That's a thrilling place to be!