Friday, April 5, 2013


We wrestle with decisions, wondering what is "right" and "best".

And the should's hover near making us wonder if we really can dive with our gut.

What other people think is a puzzle we obsess over solving when it's none of our damn business in the first place.

Because we're meant to make decisions, eventually we do.

     Bravely, though tentatively. Boldly, though scaredly.

And when we do, when the After part comes, the exhale is the gift.

Freely out. Without hindrance, the air escapes our lungs.

Like a bicycle ride down a steep hill, the *After* part in deciding is like that --

     no more painful muscle stretching restrictions. Just like the exhale part of the breath.

So, I give thanks today for this part of the decision process.

Though the scared part may still exist and the tentative still be a part of my thoughts, we're doing this.

It's all about moving on, this *After* part.

And this is worship. Trusting. Exhaling.

Today's post was part of my friend, Lisa-Jo's fun challenge each Friday to take five and Just. Write.

     "...for five, short, bold beautiful minutes... unscripted and unedited...
     without worrying if it's just right or not."

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  1. when the after comes, the exhale is the gift...

    beautiful, captivating words. thank you!

  2. So true, the exhale in the after. I love in the after when I am able to say "That wasn't so bad..." Sometimes getting there is the hard part.

    1. Yes, the getting there part -- the process of trusting . . .

  3. Peddling up hill was always tough, but letting go on the downhill. Holding my feet away from the twirling pedals and feeling the wind blowing across me ... exhilarating ... one of the good kinds of after! Enjoyed thinking of that w/all the other thoughts about "after". Thanks, Jenn

    1. I appreciate this vision, Jenn. Yes, exhilarating.

  4. Powerful words !!! Thanks for sharing

  5. Very vivid imagery and well-written. Thanks!

    Laura Hedgecock

  6. the exhale is the gift, oh yes it is. this is a fantastic piece, so glad i clicked on your sweet profile picture.

  7. This is a great reminder to me - to try to actually enjoy the process of decision making (which we're right in the middle of with some major life changes). So thank you!!! Great post.