Thursday, April 18, 2013


He's blowing the roof off my faith.

Flying it wide.

Flinging it far.

Widening it.

There isn't a limit to His purposes and He wants me to know it.

So I'm surrendering.

These dreams.

And all that holds me back.

Laying down my heavy heap of tangled messy questions.

The ones like,

     "What if?" . . . 
     "What will they think?" . . . and . . .
     "How could that ever possibly happen?"

All of it, at His feet -- one-by-one.

Trusting I can choose courage, even in spite of the fear

And seizing.

Pursuing the steps it takes to see them become Real.

Because faith says, "Yes!"

Even with a million-bajillion unanswered questions, and

     "There's NO possible way!" shouting loud.

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