Thursday, September 6, 2012

how we grow

You start third grade today and all I can remember is your first day of Kindergarten, and how so very different our days were then.

I remarked not too long ago that this year has gone faster than any of my whole life. And it still feels that way.

Last night I asked you if you're excited about going back to school and you said that you aren't. Yet, just a few weeks ago you were. I wondered what changed. And then, just as soon as I tuck you into bed and sit in the quiet of the night, I realize your heart.

You're nervous about going back to school and you don't even realize it. To tell you the truth, I'm nervous, too.

The *whirl and twirl* will change us. 

Our routine of this simple summer will become washed out with responsibilities and hurry and different kinds of days.

We complained together several times this summer about not going away. And we found the joy for this summer together, too.

We eat breakfast together in calm-like fashion. And we try to read in the evening's before bed. We still try to celebrate simplicity every day. And togetherness, most especially.

You'll be fine. We'll be fine.

And this is the way it should go anyway. You grow and we grow. Together.

Brave on, Boy! Brave. On.

Let's Brave. On., together

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  1. Wow! Your big boy looks a lot like you!!! I am amazed by the way you talk to your child, in his third grade, especially now that my little boy is in his third day of life instead! :-) It makes me feel what it will be like to grow with him... many hugs and blessings dear Amy!!