Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why I might not read your blog

There was a time when I read more blogs than I do now.

Sometimes I spend a whole day reading ones I miss or just discovered.

And that is why I might have unsubscribed or just don't read your blog with the same frequency that I once did.

It isn't because you are boring or unfocused. I cringe to ever think that.
Your place is refreshing and the words you share are meaningful.

Time is precious and I had to make a choice to cut-back,
     so I can *hear*.

I might be back some day. I might comment about how your words really touched me. For now, what I read is limited and who I engage with is an even smaller group.

I want to hear His voice. I want the words I read to be ones that stich me closer to Him and not closer to a quilt patch of chaos.

Sure, I can sort out viewpoints, opinions and stories. But...

There's a point where it becomes *noise* 
     and where it's more of you I am seeing,
     and less of Him. 

The new year has brought with it a readiness for change in my heart, and in this place.

There won't be a place to *comment* here
Quiet and still will be honored, not voice and compliment. 

If taking your time to share is a good investment of your living, then please write to me directly.

We can more deliberately correspond that way, and more privately share. And if it takes me a bit to respond, please know your words aren't unheard.

In this new year I will trust that the words I write will be for *purpose.*
And, writing for One needs to be enough for me, anyway.


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