Monday, January 2, 2012

reflections of a year past

The days *whirl and twirl* in a swirl of years.

Suddenly you've been married 11 years {or more} and your child is so far past being a baby that you can't imagine ever having to do that dance again.

Weekends are with early awakening,
and Rest is more carefully sorted out in the busy.

You realize that learning is constant,
and opportunities for more make a stack half an inch deep,
giving you little wiggle room on play dates and free time.

At some stages in life, it is easy to think that it's all simply too much.
But, perspective changes everything with growth and living.

This past year we went from *quiet* to artful-chaos

And it's true, living is a dance.
Weighing choices and balancing life is an art with no right or wrong.

Doing what works for me and us, 
     and choosing Peace for our story--
that's one of my big take away's of the year. 

Neighbors illustrated this to me.
Humbleness proved this to me.

Risks. Fear. Trust. See. Purpose. Grace.
--These were all key words in my vocabulary this past year.
And ones that go beyond sermons and Sundays to real-living.
Honest to goodness *real living.*

So, before I get swept in the *whirl and twirl* of a new year--I must {pause} and reflect on the biggest lesson of all:


Living changes it.

I will be more careful this year not to judge. And not to plan.
And even not to be so quick to say No.
I might say Yes a little more, and allow busy.

Because, truly All. Is. For. Purpose.

Where He leads me, I will go. 
If it's busy, let it be for good

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