Friday, December 23, 2011


When we say Yes, our vision is expanded.

The periphery of our imagination is shifted into front and center sight view.

Invitations become opportunities to See Him.

It's not about us and what we're capable of, though physical challenges sure have a way of giving us visions beyond what we thought we could do. Goals blossom and we become inspired to try new things.

Sometimes our trying some. thing. is for someone else's story, as much as it is for ours.

The saying Yes--the *willingness* to accept an invitation--
     helps us See ourselves differently,
          and most especially gain perspective of what He sees in us.

When I say that maybe I should start seeing myself differently, and ponder the person I consider myself to be as compared to who others see in me, I don't necessarily mean what you might think.

Being *willing* gives me an opportunity to See the purpose He has in my life. And I don't just mean one. single. purpose.

Purpose is wide and expansive. It's comprehensive of a life, suggesting that not a single moment is wasted.

Surrendering my plans is hard. But, when I allow myself to step out and try something that tugs at me, suddenly my plan becomes moot.

Shifting directions to something new, I can't help but learn. grow. discover.

Different experiences are His chiseling of me. 

Trying new things isn't about prideful accomplishments in self--
     it's about Seeing Him in the

And in Seeing Him, I grow in my trust of Him.


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  1. scientists have done studies that show just by starting to think we could do things differently actually makes the neurons in our brains form new paths.

  2. I've heard that. And, that just by believing in His possibilities, my own living study has showed me many new paths--ones that always lead me closer to Him.