Saturday, December 24, 2011


I wanted something revealed differently about Christmas this year.

A sudden ah-ha moment or a shaking of my senses.
Something to challenge me differently.

But, my vision was consistent with the year lived and nothing seemed especially *different.* Sure there are twinkly lights and more things to do. And more importantly, a celebration of an important birth was nearing.

The truth of the season isn't any different for me. It doesn't feel different. Because, it is what it is to me more times in a year than packaged up within the confines of this season.

Still, I wanted Different.

In the past several months I've talked about *different* a lot. I wonder if it has been my longing and anxiousness, or if it truly has been a calling.
One thing is for sure, it's about perspective and mine has been different. Widened.

I've used the word See a lot. And for me there's simply no way to describe the stretching of our bodies wide open and hearts placed in eye chambers.

Hot water raining down on me, I say it aloud--I want something specific. 
I want a perspective of this season that is Different. 

And there it is--Peace.

Clear as day I knew what it was all about. What I've experienced in the past year is why I don't feel especially different. Grateful, yes. Enamored, yes. Adoring the story, absolutely. But, not a ground shifting and life changing kind of *different* like many people write about this time of year.

As I unwrap the word a little bit, I realize that it is Different. It is completely Different. It's a soul-prayer beginning to answer through the space of living.

One day not too long ago, a woman commented in this space that she was once anxious, too. She wrote:

I also struggled with "how long" it would take and then just realized it would take as long as the Lord desired and that became okay with me. I am not sure exactly what changed my heart from being anxious to receive, to being perfectly content with waiting. But I am so grateful that happened. 

"You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you." -- Isaiah 26:3

This beautiful soul has peace for His will.
She was willing to wait for whatever He had for her story.

I read her comment a dozen times over and still marvel at her peace. Reading her words again and again, my heart longed for that kind of peace.

A willingness to wait. 

And so, as I prepare for Christmas this year I have been enamored specifically by Mary. I've thought about how her story was so far beyond what she ever imagined. The truth of that is so powerful that it still barely allows me to speak, in awe over His goodness for us.

Praying for a friend to have peace, I was reminded of the gift in that request. For, peace truly changes every. thing.

For this *different* perspective--
     my worship is in unwrapping the miracle of Peace. 

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