Wednesday, June 22, 2011

when obedience is the requirement

There are times when a tug on our heart invites us to *stick {our} foot out*--get out of the boat, so to speak--and yet there's no guarantee we'll walk. It might not make any sense. But we're asked (called?) to obey anyhow. And it's a *risk*.

Our obedience is requested; possibly even required.

What do we do in these times?

We might think someone else is more capable, or more qualified, or older (and therefore has more credibility or worth) ... yet, we're asked to apply anyway. We really doubt that we'll get the job. And we might be fairly certain applying is a smidge like playing the lottery with our chances {for *success*} being pret' near the same ...

Still, we feel the tug to play any way.

I'm not sure what this means, and when I get to thinking about it I really start to question God's plan and I wonder if we can miss out on something by not accepting the invitation, or obeying *the call.*

One thing I do know, is that I sometimes really do feel the prompt in my heart that He's *in this* and He often has me do things that really make no sense at all. I know that I've got to respond. Living has taught me this.

I See Him more when I obey *His call.*

Though I still question whether I *heard the call* right, I trust Him more as I live. I surrender more of myself - more of what I {think I} want and what {I think} is good for me. I just let Him take over.
I question less. And I begin to See that there is purpose. Even if it doesn't make any sense at all.

Recently, an opportunity was presented to me and fear told me I wasn't good enough. 
My Father told me to apply anyway.

I really think I heard these words:

         You won't get [the position], but this *stepping out* is important - it's necessary.         
         You honor me when you obey my call. Trust me. 

And I did trust Him - (at least I wanted to) - and I do. {But really, Lord, why?!}

I stepped out of the boat. I took a risk. I obeyed *the call.*

Still, though, it's hard to trust. Faith is the belief in things unseen and though I See when I pay attention, it takes a lot to drown out all the noise and just be still in His presence, trusting in Him with all of my heart.

How about you? 

Have you been invited, called, encouraged, or requested to do something recently that didn't {seem to} make any sense at all?

Maybe you still haven't Seen the purpose, and you *know* it was a necessary part of your story?

Tell me.

And please, y'all, will you encourage me?
Because, I'm in one of those Trusting places where I can't See, but I know ...

... like Davy (when he killed the goose early on) in Leif Enger's Peace Like A River ...

*it's not confidence, it's {life}knowledge.*

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