Thursday, June 23, 2011

count your blessings

It's Command Central and it's where we *Count Our Blessings.*

The kitchen table holds Finner, the fish; a photo tray to collect the day's school papers and mail; and the wall that once had nothing on it, now is covered with reminders of the little-guy - the one who dances and prances, sings and sighs, and who unabashedly shares his emotions.

School papers and art work adorn this wall.

Our kitchen is not fancy, but it's colored with {Grace}. In this place we're reminded that these days we're living as a Mama and a Daddy are because of Our Father. 

This wall helps us start off our day focused {a little bit more} on *Gratitude*. We give thanks for all the simplish (and biggish) blessings we unwrap at the start (and the end) of each day. To be content with what we've been provided with keeps our perspective focused where it should be.

Unwrapping {Grace} as it is gifted -- every day -- helps us to See our Father in each moment.

As the day starts, we sit down and calmly eat breakfast, together. Stories of the previous day seem to roll off of the young-one's mind and we prepare ourselves for the day before us. Glancing over school work hanging on the wall focuses the Boy-Man on the tasks ahead of him. And still, it all feels as though it's all about him.

But dinner must be made and schedules kept to, so we keep track of that, too.

We try to {re} focus on the other *stuff* that we're blessed with, and we make it a point to count those gifts. We remember it's about Him.

The Boy-Man knows that I write - he's seen me blog, jot in a notebook or two, and he's seen me scramble for note cards to capture a thought. He's joined in on the savoring of ideas by keeping a Smile File to remember a part of the day that simply made him smile. Together we recount our Favorite Parts of the Day as I tuck him into bed.

All through the day we make conscious choices to give thanks and our *Gratitude Wall* becomes our Altar of Grace. 

I'm a part of a community that connects people with the heart of God -- a home for the hearts of women. Beautiful dreamers connected through DaySpring, the Christian subsidiary of  Hallmark, breathed purpose into passion.

Together, beautiful dreamers built (in)courage - one of my most favorite places in the world; a place where I {often} hear God's voice clearer than anywhere else. Life is real here and it's vibrant, and I'm always encouraged to know I'm not alone. I've had the opportunity to guest post over there at (in)courage, and I've always felt right at home.

This month (in)courage has given me the opportunity to be a blog reviewer of (in)spired deals for DaySpring products. The real cool thing is that I got to choose which product I'd like to unwrap as a gift. All I have to do is tell you about it. And really, it's quite simple.

DaySpring sent me a Count Your Blessings Memo Board and it's now on our *Gratitude Wall.* (You can see it under that yellow flower-clock).

The memo board keeps track of evening activities, along with listing what's for dinner (so the question is answered before it's asked). We can clip our gratitude lists up there, what made us smile, or an encouraging note.

(It comes with three super strong magnets that really do the job well!)

This truly is an inspiring (and helpful) product for our *Gratitude Wall*!

It's a daily choice we're living...
                   encouraging each other to unwrap the {Grace} and count the blessings.

Encouragement is a 
Powerful Thing

The DaySpring store has so many beautiful and inspiring products for all corners of a home. Take a peek over there to check it out for yourself. 

A disclosure...DaySpring gave me this lovely product for free to review. All the opinions shared here are my own. 


  1. A grattitude wall! I love it. And I also love your son's "Smile File". He's learning some good lessons early on.

    I was just looking at a picture of my daughter at 2 years old, sitting at the kitchen table with her sippy cup and mouth covered with chocolate pudding. The one thing I noticed was the bare white wall. Why didn't we think of covering it with all our blessings?

  2. At the end of one summer, I wheeled out my whiteboard and just started writing down favorite summer memories, things I was grateful for. Soon others started adding their memories, graffiti-style. I like your gratitude wall. Thanksgiving breeds more thanksgiving. Blessings.