Wednesday, June 8, 2011

letting time tick on

I've been commenting to some friends about a transforming truth for me.  And now my own encouragement for others has spoken to me:

*Now* is important.  

I have already written a bit about this truth in this small space here where I cozy up and find freedom to live my story, made-for-purpose.

And yet, I'm still unwrapping the meaning of all of this.

You see, there's a few things I've got on my heart - things I need to do, places I'll see, people I'll meet - and I need to wait.

I can't rush the process of getting *there*.  Right *now* is necessary.  

The *now* in my life brings me to my Father.  

I'm not exactly good at exercising patience, though.

Just like the One Hundred Push-Up goal I have, *now* gets me to *there* -

             one patient-wait-right-here at a time,
             and one hefty push-me-up at a time.

There are reasons I need to wait on a few things in my life, and mostly I think it's to learn more about trusting my Father.  

He's a trust-worthy Papa, and I want to snuggle up and rest in His plans for me.  I want Him to be my Papa, not a fairy-tale-Big-Guy-in-the-sky.

My Father doesn't rush about.  He rests.  He invites me to saddle up next to Him, and to listen as He reads His story for my life.

He wants to use My story for His Story - for others' stories who He wants to weave with my life.

The *now* really needs to be my focus.

It's hard to wait, and I'm still not sure why it's so hard for me.

I keep telling Him I trust Him, and remembering He'll lead me wherever He wants me to go.

I'm learning to take off my shoes, put up my feet, lay my head in His lap, feel His breath, and just rest in His *now* for my life.

He tells me this and I find rest:

There's no need to rush in the getting there, my here with me, in the space of *now*.  There's purpose in *this* and I don't want you to miss this.

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  1. " listen as He reads..."

    Oh, I like the sound of that! This appreciation for the process, not just the outcome, it's a stretch for most of us. It sure is for me. I'm encouraged by your writing here.

    And thanks for your kind comments at my place last week. Blessings to you, Amy.