Thursday, June 9, 2011

live in Today

Dreams.  We've all got them.  And sometimes they can be so big that it seems impossible to stay focused on T o d a y.

*Today* seems so small-ish.  So purpose-less.

But it isn't.

We're changed by Today.  We're better prepared for Tomorrow by Today's circumstances.

*Today* births Tomorrow.

And so, I challenge [us] to seize Today.

Breathe Today in deep.
Drink in Today's blessings as your cup is filled.
Let Today envelop you.
Unwrap Today's gifts of {Grace}.

And those dreams of Tomorrow?  If they're God's will, they'll still happen.  So why rush them?

Like a babe in the womb, these gifts need growing and preparing for the living.

And just think, maybe there is someone who will be touched by your Story and who needs to face many Today's before she is prepared to collide with you Tomorrow.

Today. Matters.
Be. Fully. Here. Now.

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