Thursday, May 26, 2011

God Answered

I have been telling a story of friendship and grace. It's a story that began with a lot of deep gut-wrenching pain, confusion and frustration.

God saw my friend through her darkest days - her inability to eat, her weight loss, and a night of feeling like she was slipping away.  He had to be the one to catch her before the sin, the guilt, and every bad feeling and thought ate her alive.  

Through it all, God weaved love into our hearts. He covered what was once shame and He healed what was once broken.

Looking back through our journey, my sweet friend discovered a prayer she had written in her cry out to God. She asked for His help and confessed her wrong.

She wanted her thoughts and actions [and even aches] to reflect Him, and knew that this wedge between us was inhibiting her from that.

His grace stepped in and covered us. 

He heard our prayers.

God showed me that we are not immune to temptation.

I learned that I need to do my best to help make sure my marriage thrives and that I contribute my best. And I also learned that I need to continue to rely on God to help us to not sway away from each other and God. 

God showed my friend that He had a plan for her, and that He would bless her heart.

She learned that God was calling her to Him - to rest in His arms and lean solely on Him.  Through time, He helped her not to look toward others to fill an empty space for someone who knew her well and understood her.  In her prayer she says, "I am grateful for it all.  Just because it meant that I got You.  You were waiting all along."

We both learned to go to Him, above others - including each other - even when He brought us back together.  It was a hard and necessary lesson.  We both understood this truth, and yet He had a lot of growing to do in us to really know the importance of this truth our lives.

Our Father answers when we seek Him. 

He brings us to a place of being willing to be a part of His Story first, and then He blesses us with healing.

More to come...


This is the fourth in a seven-part series on friendship and grace.  

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