Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Gift of Memories

They really are such a gift.  Memories.

Sometimes I am haunted by them and other times they make me spontaneously laugh-out-loud or smile as though someone is seated right next to me and talking with me.

Either way, memories are a gift.  They help us grow.

Over time we recall certain times in our lives and our minds manipulate the once-was, and it's almost as though we get a re-do at that moment.  We can choose to edit how it really went by thinking of how we might have done things differently.  Or we can think about how we've grown from the experience just the way it was.

For me, it's as though I'm unwrapping gifts each day as my mind recalls dozens and dozens of moments.  I tell my son stories of my growing up years - of the time before I was ever a Mama.  Sometimes I think I've forgotten all there is and I confess that I can't think of a story.  Then there are those out-of-the-blue moments when it's as though flood gates were opened and memories pour through.

The mind is amazing.  Simply amazing.  And if we are able to recall memories that bring us back to yester-year, it's really such a gift.  One of the greatest to be counted.  Truly.

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