Friday, January 21, 2011

does what you're doing *matter*?

Your days go by in a hurried whoosh.  You feel harried and frazzled - at your wits end.

But, does it have to be that way?

What if you took more time making focused, deliberate choices with what to do with your time - with your life.

I'm not talking about reading a book on how to do more, or how to organize, so you can do more.

I'm talking about making good choices - for you - to honor your life; and if you're a Mama (or a Daddy), for your future 'gents and ladies, too.

For every hour I spend on making thoughtful choices for me, I seem to take away from my mind a thought of something I "should" or "want" to do, and it always ends up better for me.

Later on doesn't matter as much as now.

What if this - right-now - is it for you?

It may seem cliche, but your life is worth giving consideration to how you live your moments - not just letting someone else drive it, or live it for you.

You have a choice.  Today.  You can be happy(er) and you can live with peace and freedom to be you (and so can your kids (!); it's one of the greatest lessons you can teach them, one of the greatest gifts you can give them).

Maybe putting off something today will bring you great rewards.
Maybe taking care of yourself, nurturing and loving your gifts, is what the world needs in you.
Maybe sitting on the floor with your kiddos, ignoring that phone call, is what you need.
Maybe connecting with your mate is what your marriage needs.
Maybe these are your good choices.

Snuggled up on the couch with some tea and a good book lately?
Laced up your shoes for a walk?
Stretched and connected with your own body?
Painted your. own. nails?
Made cookies and shared them with your family, or a friend?
Met a new neighbor?
Sang outloud lately?
Sat and just listened?
Noticed your own breath?

Ever notice how you feel?  Shoulders slumping?  Neck tight?

Breathe deep, sit still and think about what makes you happy.  You have the ability to get there.

Do you have to have that job?
Do your kids have to play that sport?
Do you really have to clean, today?

There's a saying that goes "don't put off tomorrow what you can do today" - I wonder if so many people are focused on that and as such they are in overdrive.  

You are in charge of when you say "yes" and how you spend your time.
Really, truly, you do.

What if you peeled back the have to and chose not to do something today?
Tomorrow could come and you may find that it isn't important anymore.

Make a choice for you today.  You're worth it.
It might just change your life.

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