Sunday, January 23, 2011

sometimes I *smell*, too

The smell alone was too much for her to get past.

She wriggled her hands and whined a tune of what do I do [with this]? Her fear of being found out - of being discovered that she couldn't even try it - was almost unbearable for her.

And so I suggested that she just throw it out. Get rid of it. Don't worry so much about what she'll think. Say thank you and leave it at that. No further description needed.

So she did. She threw it out. Without even trying it. I'm not sure how she really feels about that choice, deep inside, but right now she feels relieved - perhaps free.

It was a fishy-kind of quiche that my mother was refering to in an e-mail she sent me about her dilemma. Her mother-in-law had thoughtfully delivered a plate of this dish to share.

The next day, I had lunch with Gram, only to find out that same fishy-quiche was for lunch. Mmmm...I could tell right away by the smell.

I couldn't say no, thank you. I didn't have anywhere to go. So...

I tried it.
And, I liked it.

No, it didn't smell very appealing, but I tried it anyway. Salmon? That's that smell?, I thought. Ah, I like salmon, so yes I'll try it. And liked it I did. And more of it I had.

I realize that sometimes I smell, too. But - I'm still worthy of being given a chance. Perhaps there's something about me that can even be savored and not just tossed out without a second consideration.

Gratefulness says I'll give it a try, even though it doesn't look good or smell good. Gratefulness trusts that His gifts might possibly be right for us and good for us...

...even if His gifts appear as a blessing of fishy-quiche.

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