Saturday, December 8, 2018

best year

As I look back one year from now, I lived my best self in 2019.

I freely showed up as I am in every moment, and experienced greater joy, ease, and confidence in my natural self.

Throughout all kinds of conversations, I spoke freely from my center. I felt at ease and open to whatever anyone had to say, grateful for our connection and for learning a new perspective.

While listening to others, I held space for them to share without feeling the need to control their feelings. I honored the birthright and freedom of all to choose their own life experiences.

In leading a group of staff to bring their natural selves to our collective efforts, I managed our workflow free from the pull of expectation of all that needs to be just right.

I made decisions with confidence, humility, calm, patience, and respect.

Without feeling the need to know it all, get it all done, or have it all figured out, I was able to learn and grow from more senior-level professionals.

I cast deliberate invitations to involve others in my and my family’s life, openly sharing our interests without needing to be understood or shared.

The genius best work I created in 2019 had a positive effect on making a better world especially for my husband and our two children, for my staff and colleagues, and for my extended family.

I was stretched by the challenge of confidently trusting my innate self, and taking control of the ways I affect the world around me.

Throughout the year, I learned to be my own unique self in life, and intentionally generated thoughts around my relationships and life circumstances to create the experiences that to me reflect a good life.

The one important habit that I dropped was regularly seeking validation from others and fighting against who I really am, thereby replacing it with cultivating a quiet confidence that I am capable for whatever life is presenting to me.  

2019 was truly a year in which I lived my best self.


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