Friday, April 18, 2014

the bending of us

Father, we come . . .

all lookatmeish.

we're afraid to look at them or You.
we're afraid to look at anyone.

what will they think? 
what will You think? 

we're self-centered in so many ways.

You asked us to feed and to clothe them.
You asked us to love.

but, they hurt me. 
but, they have . . . 

we're selfish and irresponsible.
we're wasteful with time.

we've made so much about us.

You asked us to see them as ourselves.
You asked us to forgive.

what if they do it again?
what if they misunderstand? 

we're such arrogant victims.
we're such accusers.

we've held back our hearts in rationalized self-defense.

You asked us to serve them.
You asked us to sacrifice.

but, look what they've done!
but, look who they are!

we keep them bound like prisoners.
we keep them in shackles.

we think they deserve to be punished.

You remind us they're human and know not what they do.
You remind us that we're human, too.

okay, we'll extend an invitation to them. 
okay, we'll engage with them.

we're all the same: in need of love.
we're all the same: in need of grace.

we're willing to open our eyes and see.

You shift our perspective.
You shift us to penance.

thank You for this sight. 
thank You for this right.

we can see their need.
we can see ours, too.

we're finally free.

You've given us the fullness of grace.
You've given us the fullness of peace.

we'll feed them. 
we'll serve them. 

we're willing to share You with them.
we're willing to shelter them.

we offer our raw, real selves as a sacrifice.

You'll strengthen us.
You'll sustain us.


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  1. "all lookatmeish"
    yes, pierced deep here
    and in need of repentance

    beautiful post, well needed

  2. Stopping by from Faith Barista. This is beautiful! Such a powerful reminder to forgive! I needed this!