Wednesday, March 5, 2014

feed and clothe

Father, we come . . .

we come with hearts that seek to worship and honor You.

yet, we do not know what that will require of us.

our souls cry out to detach from our everyday itchiness for control.

our spirits long to dance with you in the Holiest of grace.

yet, we are human, and we are frail.

You, alone, make us whole and worth living among the others who have breath.

purpose-filled You make us. You, alone.

we mess up and muck up. still, You say we matter. 

so we humbly come.

we don't know what it will mean or where we will go.

still, we come.

we are all hungry and we all are naked. 

remind us we matter no more or less than another.

in our famished state we pine for something to fill us.

and in our nakedness we claw our way to comfort.

needy, we are.

only you can sustain us.

teach us what it means to feed and to clothe your beloved ones.

give us your grace to share our fill of you with others.

help us not to keep you to ourselves.

bubble up and over us so that we can't help but pour into the cups of others.

less of us, Father . . . more, so much more of you.

clothe them by our encouraging ways, by you being reflected through our caring and life-giving hearts.

may our hearts desire to worship you be fulfilled in us.

in Jesus' name, may your will be done in us.

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  1. Hi Amy. Thank you for this beautiful prayer which encompasses our heart's greatest desires. In the recognition of our hunger and nakedness before Him, God satisifes, fills and clothes us with His righteousness. Once we have been shown grace it is our privilege to share and reveal it to others. Blessings :) x