Thursday, February 6, 2014

I saw fruit today

I want you to know that your choosing to do the work each day is meaning-filled.

Your effort is producing something that's juicy and sweet. Your cultivating is really doing something. There's fruit to be seen and reached for and tasted.

I was nourished by your hard work today.

What I see through what you have already done gives me hope. 

Today might be more difficult to wrangle than you prefer. You might be worn out before the day is done. You might cringe a little and wonder if you can skimp on the grace-giving, or scurry past the stern stand you know in your gut you need to take, or sweep every bit of the mess away.

Every moment you choose to do the work does make a difference. 

It's uncomfortable and sometimes you'd rather sit in your comfy clothes and do your own thing. But your choosing to give of yourself and put forth effort is enabling growth.

Don't think for one moment that any of your effort is meaningless, because it isn't.

There's a roughness around your edges, a worn out feeling. What I see about you is familiar to me. Your realness reminds me that I am not alone. Because I've been weary, too. And I need to know that as I am is enough for this day.

Our persevering enables good things to be produced. 

There's still a greater bounty yet to be harvested. So press on.

I saw fruit today. And your work encouraged me.

this is your worship.

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  1. Thank you so much! Your words touched my heart today! I am stopping by from Jennifer (Tell His Story)... I am so glad to have found you!!! Blessings, Natasha