Monday, January 27, 2014

on learning to honor thy self

We base our thoughts and our feelings on comparison, constantly pining for a benchmark other than letting our heart have its own voice. 
I wish we all would believe our very selves and loose the could’ve and would’ve kind of living, and the if only we were kind of mourning.
Comparing my life with others has squelched dreams and most of all: Hope. 

I’ve let what you (and others) think, define what I think. (And most of the time I haven’t known for sure what you really even think.) Energy has drained out of me as I’ve watched you being you and stepped up to my days as someone I’m not. I’ve told myself my dreams don’t matter . . . and put a thumbtack in even caring about what I think.
The desire my heart has most is for us all to just Be: As. We. Are . . . to accept our life as it is . . . to live our passions versus dismiss them. 
I picture ourselves as a living magazine boldly splaying the beauty that we are.
Join me at Laura Rath's place to read more . . . 

this is our worship.


  1. Since you were thinking on it, just a quick visit to let you know the detail post is up about the NYC meetup :)

    And? As for being as we are. Yes, yes.

  2. Thanks, friend. :) A two-day event! Very cool and much more in depth than I had imagined. I'm in NYC often, yes, and if it coordinated with my work travels then I'd try to at least see if I could meet up for a bit then, but . . . I think I'm taking that week off, as it's school break for us. Alas, it'd be so lovely to see so many of you! (and again, thanks so much for remembering me!)