Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I'm a clinger. Of words.

When I find a word that describes my heart, I tend to wrap my arms around it and carry it around with me for a long while. Especially if it's a word that shows me His heart.

Words are gifts.

Meaning is packed up within a few letters joined together.

On their own, letters stand there with questions of what they could represent.

     Together, letters create . . .
       Beauty . . . Encouragement . . . Inspiration . . . Hope.

Some people say Thanks in dismissive ways. And some say it with meaning, Every. Time.

To some, Love is overused. And to some, it never can be.

How about when you talk about Hope? What thoughts do that one four-letter word provoke?

What about Courage? Does your heart begin to get jumpy at that word?

I didn't know what Grace meant until about two years ago. It intrigued me. I fell into curiosity over its influence and life-change-ability. So I asked people to describe it. I sought God on its meaning. And I asked Him to show it to me.

I learned that {Grace} is Real. It's something I feel an invitation to unwrap in the moment-by-moment of every day . . .

     through the simple . . .
          the complicated . . .
               ordinary . . .
                    and even the extra-ordinary . . .

Grace is more than a word. It's evidence. Of Him.

It's taken a long while for me to accept {Grace}, and I'm on a journey to do so. To choose it.

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1 comment:

  1. Grace...that words just fills me with happiness. That Godd loves me with such love that he blesses me with His grace even when I am undeserving, its just wonderful to me.

    Angie @ A Blooming Spirit