Friday, August 24, 2012


A very close friend of ours is getting married in 11 days and we're going to the wedding.

It's exciting for us because we know his story of relationships. We've seen grace bring our friend his bride.

We aren't just guests at their party or witnesses to their big day. My own groom isn't just one of the men standing up with our friend, and our Boy-Man isn't just another one of the kiddos included.

We were asked to join our friend in his matrimony and that's a big deal. 

It doesn't just mean we agreed to be there that day. We agreed to join their joys and struggles--their story of love in the *whirl and twirl* of life.

Life is hard and marriage harder. It takes grace for them both. And part of that grace is community.

We will join our friend's marriage story and ask hard questions like "How is it going? Really?" And we will encourage them to Keep on when they face the temptation to give up.

That's a role I take with seriousness, thrill and honor.

Today's post was part of my friend, Lisa-Jo's fun challenge each Friday to 

     "Write for five, short, bold beautiful minutes... 
     Unscripted and unedited...
     Without worrying if it's just right or not."

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  1. Oh what a blessed event! How special to be so included, to share in the celebration! I pray you have a wonderful time!! Praying for you! XOXO

  2. Yes! This is what it means to go to a wedding- to be part of the community that days we commit to you as you commute to each other. My husband actually said this in his wedding speech (...if only he'd remembered to say nice things about me too then it would have been perfect!!) But I'd rather he said what he did about what it means to get married, how we can have confidence to get married, even though we were so young, and that we wanted to do marriage well, and needed others to help us to be committed to those awesome promises we just made. A big fat amen to this. I love your writing and instincts!