Thursday, May 24, 2012

noticing change

It happens all the time and often we don't notice.

We shrug it off as common and declare there isn't muchado about anything.

In the *whirl and twirl* of living we can tend to miss out on the purpose of change.

Little things that we doubt have value really are important.

Sometimes what appears small really is quite grand in meaning.

A colleague stopped in my office yesterday morning and asked if I had a quick few minutes. Her topic was one I knew would require much more time than I was willing to give it at the moment, and so I was quick to deflect.

Though I wasn't rude and intentionally asked if we could schedule some time together, my attitude projected stress to my colleague and she sent me a note of encouragement. She noticed a change in my demeanor.

Two other colleagues moved offices yesterday. I believe that this change will affect my relationships with them each. I cannot deny that seeing a colleague every day across the hall will not make me think of her more often.

A few days ago I noticed that my groom seemed rather quiet and reflective. He hadn't even seemed to notice it about himself. A change in his energy level made me take notice.

We can either notice changes happening around us each day or we can ignore them.

As we notice, we can choose courage to trust that not a single moment is wasted.

All. Is. For. Purpose. 

His love for us is more evident as we See the way He works in our lives.


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