Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a secret way to a closer marriage relationship

What I'm about to say isn't like me. It could be controversial.

I have a challenge for you. An invitation. 

In my marriage, I've learned to be thoughtful about the ways I spend money. Just buying a shirt because I see it and it's cute, and it's on sale, isn't wise.

Choosing what's wise isn't always usually fun.
I've acted like a child at times and wanted what I've seen.

And so, what I wear today is classy, simple, professional, and in total under $50...

Except for two things.

Objects that I'm wearing that you can't see combine in total, costing much more than my entire outfit.

A store I swore I'd never shop in because of the high cost and the marketing of sex appeal, found me in it. And I spent a pretty penny.


For my marriage.

Sure, sex alone won't save my marriage. And nor will pretty panties.

But, I gave it a shot.

I thought about how maybe Victoria's *secret* is for Marriages.

Maybe I'll gain a perspective I hadn't considered.

Maybe this really can be worship.

So, I did. His Christmas gift and one week later his anniversary gift, they were twice packaged in pretty pink bags. The gifts were for us.

I liked my choice.

I feel pretty. And, he thinks so, too.

(One of the best compliments is when my groom suggested I look better than the models in the flier that appeared in my mailbox for the exact thing I bought us.)

He watches me dress in the morning and I allude to what I hope will come later on when the *whirl and twirl* of the day has neared its end.

All day long, what I chose to wear is a reminder to me of the investment I am making in my marriage. 

It's an accountability partner of sorts to save some energy for him and not give it all away.

I remember to make him and us a priority.

It's personal. It's private. It's pretty.

Most especially, it's a perspective I'd never considered before.

Our closeness, connectedness and communication has all strengthened because of our choice for intimate.

Do something that you never imagined you'd do. 
See a different perspective. 

Live your story with purpose.

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  1. ;) I have also spent a pretty-penny in that store with pink bags. a worthy investment if ever their was one. ;) *applauding you willingness to go there today* I say yes to this post and high fiving you under the dressing room door ;)

    1. Ditto to that high five! Vicky's is a great place for a little surprise every now and then. Having a steamy bedroom was totally God's idea! :)

  2. I agree with every word you wrote here and all the va-va-voominess. What a waste it would be to waste it!

  3. i *really* like that you went there. i think writers like yourself, who have a voice women will listen to, need to know that its ok to encourage women in their marriages. you inspire me to be brave {in writing and in my marriage}.

    blessings to you!