Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to make me feel like royalty

Like flood gates, my heart opens wide when you talk with me--
     not at me, but with me.

When you are engaged with what I am saying and show an interest in me, I feel loved.

All it takes is sensing that you really care, and my heart feels free to show herself to you.

Like a children's pop-up book--my elementary school fascination--it just takes your attention for vivid color and life to awaken from a dormant place of rest. 

I warn you, though--your minute attention to me will probably affect your plans. Because I am a bit dramatic. Intense. Over the top.

I'll trust you're serious and get all comfy with your closeness.
I'll snuggle up and pour myself out.

I just might be too much for you. 

Your time and attention to me is my invitation to share fully and freely. 

What might seem as nothing to you is so much to me. 

I think about a lot. And I See purpose in everything--Every. Thing. 

I want to share the joy I have in my heart with you,
and I want you to See, too. 

I make something {big} out of so much of life.
I don't believe there are coincidences or accidents. 

I talk about meaning and connect stories together like a puzzle. 

I think life is to be shared and I don't think it's by chance that we've met. 

I feel open for you to know me. 

And so, if you're in a hurry or too disinterested for drama, you might want to avoid me. 

You should know that you give me Hope.

You are important to my story.


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  1. I totally get it. Being appreciative for the little things keeps everything in perspective.