Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a greater joy

On my morning run I couldn't help but think about the different of today.

Sure, each date is unique. But, this one is even more so.

Leap Day is special. It's an extra day in the year.

I am struck by this simplicity and wonder of its gifts yet to be unwrapped.

And, I think of perspective and how it's changed my life in a truly magnificent way.

A Joy-full way.
Polk Dot - Everyday Joy - Christian Journal
It's the bending down low and reaching for gratitude, even during the hard and painful times.

It's the choosing gratefulness even though it's hard to See.

My life has truly been changed by this deliberate choice for Joy.

Polka Dots - Christian MugSome products really make a difference in a life. They can serve as reminders and shift our perspectives to focus.

And so, I reach for my mug that reminds me of Him, and grab my journal to jot down my Joy.

Hours later, reminders of truth follow me into my office and stay with me all day:

If I open my heart to receive His Peace, my Joy will be complete. 

Sprinkling products throughout my living that remind me of Him, this is my everyday worship in the *whirl and twirl* of life.

DaySpring gave me their Everyday Joy Assortment Set to review. My opinions are my own. 


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