Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the Joy of Different

Everyone around us is talking about the weather.

It is 50 when it should be 30.
It is raining when it should be snowing.

And it sure doesn't feel like Christmas is coming.

Running in the misty dawn, I notice the wet on my face and the rhythmic sounds of me and my partner.

I notice how she slows and waits for me to come around a corner, and how she doesn't fret about in fear and look for my guidance as much as she first did.

Now, she steps behind me, noticing a walker before I do, and she slows to let them by and for me to lead.

Noticing the progress we've made in running together fills my heart with gratitude. Running is different now, and I like having my companion.

In the moment of noticing this, I am suddenly aware of the scent of pine.

I remember just passing a store with Christmas trees outside for sale.
I've never noticed the aroma while running before. I am thankful for noticing.

We pass the donut shop and the scent overwhelms me.
Noticing this warms me inside.

As we run home, I think back to the weather when I awoke. It's so mild and not as we think it should be this time of year.

The truth is, nothing is.

Different makes me notice. 

There are no should's. Even the weather pattern shifts and the seasons (and joy) start delayed.

This Christmas season I am humbled at how hard it is for me to slow and rest in peace.

Admist the noise of decorations and the search for just the right gifts...
     I find Him. And suddenly I am aware that He has been there all along.

He allows me the distractions to show me His patience.

My house is dark most nights. At least one light is always on in the house, and otherwise the porch lights are saving us money on our electric bill by being on off position.

I think our home should appear more friendly, warm, inviting.
I have fretted about not having pretty glitz and bling adorning my door.

He speaks to me about what's *inside* our home--hearts filled with love and joy, peace and trust.

He provides me with Different to show me His presence. 

I am reminded that there are no should's and my expectations are not His.

*Noticing* how nothing is as we expect it to be, I am overwhelmed with wonder and awe. I fall into His arms and Rest.


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  1. I once heard some one say.."we shouldn't should on ourselves or should on other people....
    I love...He provides me with different...if we box Him in we miss Him...thanks for the reminder...
    blessings as you rest in His arms....