Monday, September 26, 2011

a mere silhouette

Just before the sun fully rises, the sky {slowly} begins to fill with light.

Silhouettes of trees and peeks of houses are outlined in dark. The eye has to focus intently to see below the brightness above.

Darkness is hard to see in brilliant light. 

I have to squint to see the houses below--where it's darker--and just barely I See, windows first. Always *windows* first.

Brightness of the impending rising sun and full bright sky draw the eyes upward, nudging them to Stay there--speaking: Don't miss This!

My eyes want to be *There* when the sun splashes pink and orange beauty in the clouds. To notice.

It takes just a brief moment until the eyes can see the houses more clearly without squinting and focusing.

Our windows open to Grace-splashed beauty. 

In those precious few minutes when the light is just beginning to fill the sky and the dark joyfully welcomes in the day, preparing to dissolve in her shadows--it's almost Heavenly. A rare moment to notice.

A blending of the dark and the light, silhouettes are the *standing back*--honoring this majestic moment. 

I feel the same about dawn breaking open, as with my life.

The comfort of who I am is tucked safely in the shadows of His light radiating over me.

A new day begins and I can't help but See. My eyes are drawn upward as Grace is unwrapped in tendrils of beauty.

There's a blending here. He does not overwhelm Me, a silhouette of His Majesty. I have Purpose, and I Hope to be evidence of Him.

If I am fully There--my eyes focused on Him--I surrender, as a silhouette.

Light is most evident on the darkest canvas. 

I understand this through the reading back of my story. Of His Grace.

Thank you, Father, for being beauty in me and giving me eyes to See. 

Gratitude for {Grace}-unwrapped...

...*noticing* that the Boy-Man is still a child and his voice still young...

...the attention the Boy-Man gave fellow pianists at his recital, and how he was inspired to keep on...

...Seeing that a busy weekend for the child provides opportunities to *learn*...

...the ability to afford opportunities and choosing to sacrifice selfish wants for the Boy to experience...

...yellow, orange and red leafed beauties dusting the ground with crispness...

...radiant blue skies of pure blissful beauty...

...a simple moment of smiles captured and frozen in black and white--a perfect gift... my *work* brings me to tears with gladness to be a part of it...

...joyful anticipation for Different {than we expected} in our lives...

...the still, quiet of the morning to See...

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  1. Such a great post. So beautiful, so perfect for my situation today. Love to contrast between light and darkness.

  2. What a beautiful post! Joyful anticipation for different...I like that!

    I popped over from Ann's place.

    Have a great week.


  3. hi, Amy!

    i came over from Ann's. i haven't read you in awhile--ive been sort of quiet and withdrawn in the blogging world...mostly out of necessity. but i see you around, and anytime i read your words, it brings a smile to my face!

    your writing was poetic today. simply beautiful. you have caused me to reflect upon how loving God He pours and shines His light all over me. i REALLY liked this: "light is most evident on the darkest canvas" yes! He gives us hope in the midst of our struggles and darkness--there is a reason for it--so that we can SEE His light. thanks for this today.