Friday, September 16, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: Joy

My participation in Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday's was out of curiosity. I wasn't sure what Just. Writing. could do for me. And so I took the step. 

For me, you might want to know that writing isn't difficult. It doesn't take me a long time. And truthfully, I don't really care what that might say about the quality of my writing. 

At this point in my life I write my heart. I write simply because I have to--kind of like breathing and exercising. It's all good for me. Writing is my must do. It's for me, not for you. 

Writing for just five minutes is challenging. I'd rather write longer--and hence this very long prelude to my real post. But, writing for at least five minutes makes me do it on the days when I struggle to sit; when I get the feeling it doesn't matter and sometimes I think other parts of life are just more important. The dark quiet of the dawn is my time--the corner of the day when my heart awakens with each word I let loose and the real Me is invited to participate in life.

Just five minutes is freedom to me--to Just. Write., knowing that there is real encouragement on the other side, and sometimes I need that. 

And here begins this week's *true* just-five minutes...


When I live and notice that it hasn't been for you, there's such a *gladness* that fills my heart.

It's a struggle to not worry about pleasing you or making everything be the way you want it. And so when I Just. Live. My. Way., there's this *peace* that fills the air.

Knowing that I am beautiful and when I mistakes, that they are just that--a certainty about Purpose gives me *confidence.*

There's nothing quite like it--this Joy.

It comes softly, calling the heart toward it after a gut wrenching loss of life, or an enormous fight that left me teetering on the edge of giving up.

She woos me toward her and wipes the grit out of my eyes to See--there's beauty in All, and purpose, too. 

The Truth of this purpose is what leaves me *content*--full of Joy--as I breathe in this gladness, and peace, and confidence.

I can trust in this with all my life. It's surely Heaven sent.

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  1. There is a deep joy, a satisfaction that comes with accepting how we are made, recognizing our beauty in our stumblings and knowing that we are living life in His keeping, for his purposes. Blessings, friend. You are a writer, and writers must write! ;)

  2. And this is what it means to truly love -- to keep eyes fixed on true Jesus-Joy, living for an audience of One.

    Yes, surely heaven sent.

  3. I meant to say "truly live" ... but perhaps the two (live and love) are synonymous? :)

  4. "Knowing that I am beautiful and when I mistakes, that they are just that--a certainty about Purpose gives me *confidence.* - I loved this. I would have so much more joy if I would only accept me as He does.

  5. Great post, once again, Amy! I have such admiration for your words!

  6. We seem to be crossing paths more and more these days. That's a good thing.:) I am like you - the early morning is a time to write. I love getting some thoughts down in writing to clarify my mind before the whole household wakes up and the noise of life breaks in. I'm glad that you are enjoying you. I'm learning that slowly.

  7. 'When I live and notice that it hasn't been for you, there is gladness'...omgoodness. That is just what I needed. Living like that makes you pay attention. Love this...