Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: in real life...

It's Friday and I'm aching--my body still recovering from a {different} vacation, clouds and fog overwhelming me in an incredibly rainy week. Reaching for awake and alert is harder this week. My heart tender with life, I reach for writing. 

The challenge on this day each week is for just five minutes...and I can't. I need more today. Friday's are Freedom Day for me, and so I receive it and write for as long as my heart needs. 

The prompt my dear friend provides in her's just so good! 

in real life...

Challenging marriages, and children.

Holding hands.

Painful hearts, and backs.

Tea with friends.


Laughing until bellies hurt.

Tears over burned dinner, and stuff destroyed.

Happiness over friends remembering.

Aching legs.


Fatigue so badly eyes blur.

Giddiness over school buses.

Letting go.

In life, Stuff. Happens. 

Sometimes Easy. Or Easier.
Sometimes Hard. And Harder.

In *Real Life* there is a blending of emotions, a road with steady hills to climb and soar down.

Sometimes living is harder than it needs to be.

I'm learning about this as I ride my bike, understanding how I need to surrender to [the bike], letting it do the work. I need to select a gear where I can spin instead of suffer. I need to clip my shoes in, so that my feet can push and pull in a continuous circle.

I'm Seeing how I need to be clipped in to His Spirit--keeping me steady and smooth. And I need to let Him lead me--be my gear--as even *happiness* can be too much, too exhausting.

Real *living* requires real surrender. 

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  1. real surrender to do real living... so well put.

  2. Real life is full of both hard and happy. Yes, real surrender is required -- not always easy but definitely needed. I enjoyed your words today!

  3. "Real *living* requires real surrender." Oh yes, such truth. Thanks for always keeping it real with us Amy and being one of the most wonderfully constant sources of (in)couragement - you are so appreciated!

    Happy Sunday wishes,