Sunday, August 28, 2011

a confession of uncertainty

Partnering with People Of The Second Chance (POTSC), I am challenged to think radically--about Grace.

It's nice to say that we'd extend grace and give a second chance to anyone, but really?
Any. One?

Awhile ago I asked if you're give *her* a second chance--you know, the girl who the jury found not guilty and who many have posted about on facebook in horror that she's walking around free--Casey Anthony.

A few brave folks shared their thoughts with me. For most, the responses to my question were surrounded in Shame and Uncertainty. There were some who admitted that they just couldn't. 

For every person who took a moment to think about the question: I. Admire. You.

POTSC have released two more in their series of posters, asking the question How about him? Last week's was Mike Tyson. All I really know about this guy is that he has apparently abused his wife. News reports and gossip are my educators on his character. How can I judge? Even if I did know him, what can I say? 

This week's poster is Darth Vader

Though I honestly don't even know the character of Darth Vader, having survived 30-something years of never seeing Star Wars {gasp!}, I present the poster to you nonetheless. What I do know is that this villain received grace--the one thing that has impacted my life beyond anything.

It's hard to think introspectively about our personal ability to extend Grace. We all have feelings and perceptions, and it's just so hard not to judge--especially when our culture supports it.

When I posted the question about giving *her* a second chance, I didn't share my own thoughts. More than two fistfuls of days have passed since that post. And for the most part, it's been fairly quiet around here. I've done some living in the quiet and within those days the question has invited me to answer for myself.

I am not sure I want to give my Father another day with my heart. And yet, He's the keeper of it.

When I am honest with Him that I am mad He hasn't done what I think He should have done in me by now, He looks at me with Grace. He lets me feel that way.

And when I am not sure I could give *her* a second chance, or him, or even myself...
He steps in.

For years, God was my fantasy superhero. Never my villain, though, for I couldn't imagine considering Him as such.

Then my eyes were opened and I began to See God as my Father. And I was invited to be honest with a radical question.

What if the poster were of God?

For me, sometimes I {try} to hold hostage *another chance* for God to move in me, when really...He never leaves me alone and He keeps living.

Thank you, Father! It isn't You who ever needs another's always Me. 

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  1. Completely shocked that you've never seen Star Wars!!! Great post!

  2. I agree with Sandy. Shocked that you've never seen Star Wars.

    It is interesting that you mention what if the poster had God on it. I listened to a speech on forgiveness today and the speaker talked about having to forgive God for not protecting him from severe abuse as a child. I'll admit that there are times when I have been angry at God for not protecting me as I thought He should have. So I'm guilty. I'm still trying to be in relationship with God, though, so I guess I've given Him a second chance. I know people who haven't.

    This whole Never Beyond series is working me hard. I'm not having problems with the people on the posters that POTSC is putting out, but I have been coming up with a list of people that I would put on those posters if given the chance. I am seeing how much unforgiveness is rampant in my life. That needs to change. This is going to be a long haul, I think.

  3. You've never seen Star Wars? Something must be done about that. It's awesome even if you don't like sci-fi.

    What if God was on the poster? Wow! What a challenge. I sort of ask that in my own POTSC post this week: What if Jesus became Darth Vader? But I didn't put it so bluntly as that. Wow!

    There have been times when I have been mad at God, sure, but I don't think I've ever thought of Him as the bad guy...nor would I ever really want to. But God has forgiven me so many times that when I'm upset about the way He's leading my Life, I can chill out and be okay with it. He is God after all.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Don't feel bad b/c I haven't seen them either.

    Yes, so thankful that it is always me that needs the second chance and that He longs for me to come back. We serve a faithful and sovereign God!

  5. I have never seen Star Wars, either, but I have friends who are quite anxious to rectify that problem, as they see it. I believe a marathon was mentioned. :)

    Your lack of SW knowledge notwithstanding, this was a great post! Definitely made me think about grace and how I perceive it and to whom I grant it. Thanks for posting!

  6. I love the way you came at this week's poster, especially without any Star Wars background knowledge. I think most of us are guilty of those moments where we blame God for something that happened to us, or we're angry at him for not preventing something awful in our lives of the lives around us.

    When it seems like we're always in need of second chances, who are we to deny those same chances to others? :)