Monday, July 4, 2011

please excuse me

Sometimes I might carry around a bit of toilet paper out my rear-end.

I might have muck on my shoes and filth under my fingernails.
My hair might be a frazzled, spit-ball covered, tangled wad of crazy.
I might have eyes blazing red and a mouth as furious sounding as a roaring crotch-rocket. 

You might see the worst of me come at you, and you might even look for a hardhat to take cover from the raging storm of my emotions.

I might be carrying around an elephant-size trunk of trash with me, and you might wonder if I neglected to pay my taxes for the garbage to be seized from my home.

It might be clear that there's a mess I haven't completely cleaned up. 

You might see that I sometimes often don't do what I encourage others to do.

I might struggle to sacrifice my emotions and choose to be kind to someone else--even my beloved Groom or sweet Boy-Man.

You see, I've got moments when I don't think about other people.

Instead, I think of what he did or she said, or how she looked at me, or how he rolled his eyes in disgust over me.

I carry around a hardcover notebook of offenses and take aim at his forgetfulness or inattentiveness to *Me*.

I stand poised waiting for his imperfection to appear as obvious as daylight.  

I choose *Me* first, sometimes. And I look mean (even to myself).

I forget that I've got my own mess to clean up and my own heart filled with pride.

So, will you please excuse me? I'm still a Big-Mess being cleaned up. 

Thank you, Father, for your {Grace}.


Gratitude for Unwrapped *Gifts* of {Grace} ...

... slowed down simmer of summer days ...

... re-connecting with family ...

... lazy days ...

... knowing our days are so uncertain, and the excitement in that truth ...

... new friends asking the Boy-Man to spend a day with them ...

... the abilities of the Man-Boy to tend our house the way he does ...

... seeing His {Grace}, even in my work ...

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