Friday, June 10, 2011

courage to try

The Boy-Man longs to be goalie.  In. Any. Sport.

He really has no idea if he can do it, or if it's his *thing*.

At the Boy's age, every one plays in every position.  Soon, though, he'll have an opportunity to decide whether he wants to give goalie a try.

He'll decide whether to or not to seize the opportunity and try something new.

In the deciding, there won't be a right or a wrong answer.

Recently, the Boy-Man had an opportunity to play goalie for about five minutes in practice.  He stepped up and had Courage.  He. Loved. It.

Wearing his favorite red-color, he was poised with bold confidence.
The Boy-Man inspired his Mama.

I've been thinking a lot about having the *Courage* to try something - or even consider it, even if I might not have expected it Now...

...even if it means that I won't succeed.

I've wondered what the right answer is to my question of whether I should even consider it.

Fear has been loud.

Maybe someone else will get the lead role.  
Maybe someone else will be invited to seize the opportunity that piques my interest.  
Maybe I will look like a failure in all my Courage.  

One thing I know is that I'll never know if I don't try.

Seems like a basic lesson from way back in Kindergarten, or even earlier.
I remember it is important Truth.

Yet, I wobble in my own abilities and I feel the drain of perfection-seeking.  What *should* I do?

I remember that there no right or wrong in the deciding.  All. Is. For. Purpose.

Either way, I will grow.

And so, I step out - courageously - and ask my Father to go before me.  

He's allowed me this opportunity to exercise my Courage, and to trust Him - even in considering if this opportunity is for me, right now.

He's given me wisdom and confidence.  And He won't let me down.

I See how my Considering is important for Now, perhaps far more than the actual *seizing* of that opportunity.

The *considering* part of whether to step up and out of the boat, is the Thin Place where we acknowledge Him, and where we wrestle with His invitation for us and our Trust of Him.

I still may not find success in my *trying* and I might not move past the *considering*.

Either way, He will bloom beauty in my faith that there is purpose, even in *This*.

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