Friday, April 1, 2011

5 Minute Friday: One of my {few}-*favorite* things...

Earlier in the week I found Lisa-Jo's blog and was intrigued by her 5 Minute Friday challenge.  Her instructions are to write for just 5 minutes with no editing, no finessing - just write and post.  So, here goes my first:


I think about him this morning on my run, and how I often don't accept who he is without conditions.  When my own spirit has felt crushed under the weight of his words or facial twists, I turn on him.  I kiss him lighter or hug without all of my heart being in it.  Shutting the door, I pull a little tighter and think I feel better by the hard pull that forces a hard shut.

There!, I think.  Done with that.  Moving on...(to a happier place...).

Sure, maybe without him I'd not feel the weight of his words or wrestle quite so much with my tendency to put myself down when he's upset with me.

The truth is, though, I wouldn't grow quite like I do with him in my life.

I wouldn't see what I see about myself, or about him, or about my Father.

We're both not up at the same times.  Not in the morning.  Not in the evening.  And not in between.  Our emotional highs and lows don't coordinate.  We balance each other.

I lifted him up to my Father this morning - to Our Father.  It was on his behalf that I asked Our Father to love on him today.  And lo and behold, it was my own selfish-conditional-love that God wants to turn around in me to share with him - my groom.

Hmmm...sometimes when we lift others up it's us who God wants to work through.  It doesn't always mean that we're weaker, it's that He wants to use us in His plan for that person, and it may require some bending of ourselves to get there.

This is one of my {few}-favorite things about He knows so much more and so much better than we do.



  1. So true. Marriage is like holding up a mirror to all of our selfishness at times. ;) But we are the better for it.

  2. Hello! Just found your blog via incourage. You write beautifully-lots of great posts here!